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How to get an accurate glass & mirror quote

Before you contact us it would be helpful if you have a good think about what it is that you want us to achieve for you.

If you are interested in pricing for a broken window or for some new glazing, the approximate size of the glass, the location of the window in the house and an idea of what the access to the outside of the window is like, will help us provide the most accurate price we can for you either over the phone or via e-mail.

For mirror pricing, what we require is an approximate size, the location (whether it is over a bath or vanity, or whether it’s a dressing mirror or in a gym or studio situation) and how you want it fitted to the wall as there are a variety of ways you can fix a mirror to the wall. For example, this mirror has been installed using invisible fittings creating a space between the mirror and the wall so this customer can fit a light to the top of the mirror. These fittings also make it easy to remove the mirror from the wall if need be.

For kitchen splashbacks, we need to know what sort of shape and size they are and how many switch cut-outs if any are required in the glass and how close these are to the edge of the glass.

As you can see from the splashback displayed this customer has chosen to brighten up their kitchen using the options available to them in our colour range. Although not everyone’s cup of tea you can see it is an awesome way of introducing colour to your kitchen.

For Mirrors and splashbacks, we always call to site to confirm measurements before the mirror is manufactured or the glass is ordered for the splashback so your measurements don’t have to be 100% accurate for the pricing process.

At the end of the day, the more information that you can provide for us during the pricing process the more accurate the quote will be with fewer adjustments required during the site measure.

We are more than happy to meet with you on-site to discuss the options that are available to you and to measure for a quotation if you wish, which we then fax or e-mail to you for your perusal.


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