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How to get your windows shiny and streak-free

We quite often get asked how to clean glass without smudges and water marks — for a spotless clean.

Back in the day the method was to use vinegar and water and dry with newspaper. That old method still works just as well as any new solution on the market. We have found the method below the best.

Let’s Start

We suggest that you avoid cleaning windows on a hot, sunny day – so a cloudy day in Spring and Autumn might be the best time.

Back to Basics

Once the area is prepared, look at ditching prepackaged bottled cleansers and mixing up a solution of warm water with a small squirt of dishwashing liquid. Usually just a quick squirt is all you need with about 4 litres of water. Then grab a sponge and scrub down the windows, making sure to get into the corners and the creases and crevices of the window. Wash the edges of the window glass first, rinse and then give the whole window a go.

Next, clear away the solution with a squeegee and wipe dry with a clean towel.

There are strong opinions about how to achieve streak-free windows. Warm water vs. cold? Vinegar vs. dish soap? Newspaper vs. paper towels?

There is no ‘right way’ unless you don’t clean at all. For exceptionally grimy windows, add some vinegar or ammonia to the solution. If you’ve really got buildup, vinegar will cut through grease and grime.

To get rid of any streaks after squeegeeing and make your windows shine, we suggest using a dry cloth or try one of the microfiber cloths.

Tip: We suggest wiping windows dry in a vertical direction on one side of the windows, and wiping horizontally on the other side. This way, if streaks appear, you know what side they’re on.

Going Pro

Of course, there is the option of getting someone else to clean your windows that specialises in window washing. Now and again you might find specials via an online shopping portal, i.e., Groupon, Spreets, etc., If you’re hiring a window-cleaning crew, make sure they are insured and have good reviews. We recommend checking to see how long the service has been in business. These people are going to be in your home, so you want someone you can feel comfortable with.

Happy Window Washing!


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