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Installation of a glass splashback, what color suits my kitchen?

Glass Splashback installed 15 December 2022 by Total Glass and Mirror (copyrights reserved by tgm.net.nz)

A general question for house owners, developers and kitchen designers is: what color of splashback will suit this kitchen? A simple answer is no answer. However, ask yourself again: what is the color of the kitchen wall and the color of the bench top? Is the kitchen is dark or bright? For house renovation and new builds, most people pick white, silver, black, light green, red color for their splashbacks. The reasons for different color selections vary, but most important element is color matching. Color of a splashback should match the surroundings such as color of wall, color of benchtops, color of furniture, etc. It is also subject to your own color tone.

A glass splashback installed on 15th December 2022 with a back color printing of MILKY WHITE. (Copyrights reserved by tgm.net.nz)

The landlord selected the Milky white for his kitchen splashback, since the bench top is white, the wall is in white, the window frame is in white, the kitchen is not very bright during the daytime. So we think he has a right choice. Call us for your kitchen splashback at 080000GLASS, or email us:[email protected] or visit us at 185 Morrin Road, Saint Johns, Auckland.


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