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Protruding Mirror with Splashback

Our returning customer loves our protruding mirror with elegant ultrawhite splashback under the mirror(tgm.net.nz, copy rights reserved)

In a bathroom, a mirror or more mirrors installed above vanity or on wall for a house. There are variety of mirrors installed including LED mirrors, mirrors glued on wall, mirrors mounted with frames and screws. Subject to your budget, someone buy and install the cheap LED and mirrors from some well known suppliers, after couple of months or 1 to 2 years, the mirrors got the black edges/corners, or the LED lighting does not function properly. Hence, you should remember that Cheap is good for short time, but not for longer term. Some of the new builds are sold with millions, and people live in the new builds found the mirrors look ugly after a while. what you can do? Spending money to replace the existing ones or looking for a different mirror.

Today, we are presenting our protruding mirrors with Ultrawhite splashback under the mirrors (see the photos above and below).

Protruding mirror + Ultrawhite splashback under the mirror (tgm.net.nz, copyrights reserved)

You can see that our own ultrawhite splashback providing a graceful and stylish splashback under the mirror and above the vanity, avoid the spit outs on the mirror. Also, the protruding mirror has gap between the wall and itself, giving more ventilation for the mirror and less chance of blacking the edges.

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