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What type of splashback is the best?

You will ask ” What type of splashback is the best?” or “What is the cheapest splashback for my house” before your new house design or renovation.

What type of splashback is best? What is the cheapest splashback?

Our answer to you is, the best splashback is suited to your budget, your needs and your aesthetic. and your splashback is the one that elevates your kitchen design, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Two types of materials are popular: glass and tiles. Using tiles is slightly cheaper in materials but dearer in labour costs for installation, also, if you use the small panes of tiles to make your splashback, future cleaning is an issue for you or your partner. Glass splashback is getting more dominating due to its modern stylish, colour variation and readily cleaning. So you need to take all factors into a balance of budget, and usage. design and aesthetic. When you select glass splashback, you need to know some basics about glass splashback. Glass splashback is normally made from 5mm, 6mm or 8mm thick Low Iron toughened glass pane, and you can choose your own favoured colour, talk to a professional company such as Total Glass and Mirror at tgm.net.nz to give you some advice. If there are power sockets in your kitchen wall, an accurate measurement and a template may be needed prior to making a final glass splashback. All these steps are time-consuming.

Here below are some pictures before and after our installation of splashback for the little kitchen bar.

Before the Installation of the glass splashback
One splashback pane mounted on the wall
Both splashback panes have been installed, the job is done after cleaning. A nice-looking splashback was installed recently by Total Glass and Mirror


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