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Window glass repairs

Window glass repairs

Some customers think window glass repairs are so easy, but in practice, it is highly sophisticated because the windows have different frame structures, old school or modern, timber or Aluminium, leadlight or artistical made, with varying thicknesses and varying types of glass. Also window glass repairs is subject to the location of the windows in a house. One small window at the top of church tower could cause you a few grams because nobody can reach that height without scaffold, plus the strict H&S requirement by law. Most common situation is that the location of the broken window glass is higher than 2 meter from ground, and glazing company and glaziers have to use scaffold by law. If you are lucky your window sash + glass can be taken off frame inside your house, you can save money, otherwise, a scaffold is quite likely required for the job, and you will pay more for that window glass repair job.

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