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Dance Hall Mirror Repair

Two dance hall mirrors were broken, the wall needs to be treated properly (copyright reserved by Total Glass and Mirror Systems Ltd, tgm.net.nz)

Basically for mirror safety in use, a solid, still, flat and vertical wall surface is required and ideal for use. In a public area such as gym or dance hall, safety mirrors are required. We make safety mirrors for years to ensure the customers in a safe condition while using our mirror products. This dance hall wall is not flat and vertical to ground, and the wall material is a board inwards, generating stress to the mirrors. In addition, we have found that behind the mirrors, the glue used from previous installer was turned into very hard plastic stuff. These hard materials between the wall and mirrors can be the stress-concentrated spots while impact or external force applies to the mirrors, resulting in the mirror breaking. While we are not able to change or replace the wall, we did our best to have removed all risky hard stuff behind the mirrors there on the wall before we applied our high quality glue on the wall. Our glue gives the mirror strong adhesion and also some cushioning behind the mirrors.

Wall and mirror slots need to be properly treated
The Dance hall mirrors have been repaired and new mirrors were installed at high standard.

In this case, there are a lot of issues in the processing of the installations such as uneven level of bottom slots have been overcome. The repairs and installation of new mirrors are well-done. If you want to repair your gym/dance mirrors, or just want us to install new mirrors for your house/business, please ring us at 0800 00 MIRROR, 09-5769060 or email us: [email protected], why wait? take your action!


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