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Turning your garage into a GYM

Enjoy the fitness in a gym but are too busy? There are spaces in garage and living room? Install gym mirrors is the way

You enjoy sports and fitness, are a pretty female and handsome gentleman, busy every day, for work, for study, for family, for dating, for events, for day and night…have a gym membership card but no time to go every day or every week? If you do have a garage and a big living room, then why not turn it into your own gym? easy as giving us a call 080000MIRROR, 09-5769060 or email us:[email protected]

Gym mirrors can be made and installed to suit your needs, small or big, basic or luxurious, in your own house or units, just for you and your family.

A few elements you need to take into consideration before you ask us to install for you: 1. For adults or for children, 2. Where to install 3. Budget 4. Usage frequency. Point 1 and Point 2 are relevant to the mirror height and total length. Your budget determines whether your gym mirror is basic or luxurious type.

However, Safety is the key factor for gym mirrors. A gym mirror must be prepared with safety treatment such as vinyl back, can be installed on your wall in many ways-framed mirror type mounting on the wall by aluminium or wood frames or channels, glued mirror type using a strong adhesive to mount it on your wall, or on a standing rack. We strongly suggest to you contact us for more information about a Taylor-made gym mirror for you and your family.

The pictured one was installed by us for a family with a young girl who loves dancing, and her mum wants to do some fitness every day or week. No hesitation, trust us since our company has installed and replaced a lot of gym mirrors in Auckland area for residential and commercial users such as Les Mills, Bayleys and Snap fitness. Visit 185 Morrin Road, and our website:https://tgm.net.nz, call us at 0800 00 Mirror, 09-5769060, for a free quote and measurement (Copyrights reserved for the images)

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