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The Basic You Need to Know Low-iron Glass For Kitchen Splashbacks Colour Matching

Use of Low-iron glass is the best type of glass for colour splashbacks.

Low-iron glass has 10 times less iron content in the body of the glass, which provides maximum brightness and clarity with a higher visible light transmittance than traditional clear glass, Normal clear glass itself in most cases is transparent with its intrinsic greenish colour. The thicker the glass pane, the more obvious the greenish colour of a glass pane.

Designers and house owners sometimes want the bespoke colour for a house, a splashback, a window, a door, etc, thus the builder and glazing company such as Total Glass and Mirror Systems Ltd (tgm.net.nz) will need the landlord or duty manager to confirm the bespoke colour before processing the jobs. However, sometimes arguments or law sue occur after the job is done, between the landlord and builder. To our knowledge, to avoid the argument, the best way is for the colour bespoke must be sent in writing and confirmed by both parties prior to processing.

Also, we must remember that new paint colour and ageing paint colour after oxidization are slightly or sometimes significantly different. That is common sense. Eye feel of colour is subject to people, light (environmental lights and background lights, and so on), and glass types (low iron, normal glass, etc). Our best offer and suggestion to you is to use Low iron glass which is more expensive in cost, but the best glass to provide maximum brightness and clarity, and minimize the colour difference between coating colour and splashback colour since its intrinsic greenish glass colour is ignored.

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