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Transform Your Kitchen With A Glass Splashback

Using a glass splashback in your kitchen gives you some nice, sleek design options. There are usually two types of splashbacks: ones that mount to the ceiling and have a water source below it or ones that mount to the wall and have a floor-based reservoir below it.

This article will talk about how to create a glass splashback that mounts to the ceiling and has a floor-based reservoir below it. These kinds of glass splashbacks are known as air condioners!

Select your glass splashback material

Interior of bright modern kitchen with cupboards near chairs with counter decorated with glasses and plates under lamps next to shelves on wall

When looking at glass Splashbacks, you should be aware of the materials they are made of.

Mostly, these Splashbacks are made out of glass so you can see and touch the splashback material. However, some are made out of vinyl, which is a little bit safer than glass.

Vinyl has good chemical resistance and is relatively childproof. Also, vinyl does not break down as easily as glass, so if you wanted to replace it with something new, that new thing would last longer.

In order for your Splashback to look nice and cost-effective, it is important that the vinyl is expensive looking.

Decide on a design for your splashback

When it comes to designing your kitchen splashback, there are several reasons to choose a design. You can have a simple splashback that just has your name on it, or you can have a splashback that extends into the kitchen and includes a island or breakfast bar.

Either one of those looks great and is useful!

We suggest choosing one of these two designs because they look great and are useful. The first is the glass splashback extended into the kitchen, including an island or breakfast bar. This looks nice and is useful as it can be used for drinks or food preparation. The second is the simple splashback that just has your name on it.

Order your glass splashback

Transform your kitchen with a glass splashback

Now that you have a filtered water source at your fingertips, it is time to add a splashback. A glass splashback is a tank-like surface where water travels and recirculates.

A glass Splashback can be painted whomever you want!

By having a glass splashback, you are providing your kitchen with more space for cooking and entertaining. You will also find that your food does not get as much oxidation while cooking in the glass tank as it would with plastic or metal.

You can paint this piece of equipment whatever color you want!

This adds some volume and character to your kitchen, which is what we are looking for.

Have the splashback installed

Transform your kitchen with a glass splashback

Once you have the splashback installed, you are ready to start using it. All you have to do is add water!

The glass splashback allows you to display and utilize water for your dishes. By adding water to the tank, you are providing your kitchen with an additional way to use energy.

To use, simply fill the tank with water and plug in the splashing machine. You can add a little bit of salt or sugar if needed, both of which are delicious.

To remove the water, simply unplug it and dry off your dishes! This can be done a few times during the life of the machine as there is no power requirement once filled with water.

Add lighting to your glass wall

Kitchen interior with counter near chairs and cabinets

Adding lighting to your kitchen is an easy way to add fun design touches to your kitchen. You can do this in several ways!

Using glass splashbacks

These glass splashbacks can be strapped to the wall using stainless-steel brackets. Once hung, you can attach lighting elements such as colored light bulbs or chandelier-style lights.

Using ceiling-mounted lights

Or you can use floor lights or even a battery-operated fan to circulate air. Either way, these details add some complexity to the space!

Using computer graphics software and creating a custom sky dish or roof overhang (these are easy with the right equipment!)- are common ways to apply design styles and create shape changes in your kitchen.

Getting help with these tips is ideal! Creating a group on Facebook called Designing For Your Kitchen is another great way to get help transforming your kitchen.

Install counters behind the wall

Transform your kitchen with a glass splashback

Once your sink and counter are installed, the next step is to add shelves or a counter behind the wall. This creates a hidden area where you can prepare food and store supplies.

This is a great way to save space in your kitchen, especially if you have limited space. You can also add displayed foods or supplies to your knowledge that they are top-quality foods and supplies.

Heating, cooling, and organizing items on shelves and in the countertop area is another great way to use this room in your kitchen.

Installing a glass splashback is the perfect way to finish off this new room in your kitchen. By adding some foam feet on the floor, adds more storage space underneath the sink.

Use art to enhance your space

Young woman utilizing wastes in modern kitchen

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels

A splashback is a countertop area where dishes can be wiped, stacked, or stored. A glass splashback is a window into the kitchen space. By having a splashback, you gain additional visibility and control in your kitchen.

Using a glass splashback is an easy way to add some art and design to your space. You can paint it in different colors or add accessories such as cookbooks or restaurant notes to enhance the design.

These designs are plentiful and many are free-standing. Some are even painted on the ceiling! By having these added accessories, you gain more space for food preparation and dining.

Knowing how to set up a glass splashback can be tricky at first.

Use colorful dishes and glasses

Foods Served on the Table

You can blend glass and ceramic in your kitchen, making for a beautiful reflection and keeping things clean and fresh. Many people use them in the same way- as a design element that is unique to their kitchen.

Both materials can be expensive, but they are worth it! You can get some very nice-looking glass splashbacks for your cabinets, or one to match the cookware. There are also glass bowl and cup sets that you can purchase, which is a perfect add-on.

These designs are endless! You can get any shape, color, or combination of these two materials. It does not matter if you do not have enough of one material or the other- there are always new designs to create with!

Using different colors or design trends in each material helps spread the cost out too.


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