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Amazing Bathroom Mirrors To Transform Your Home

As mentioned earlier, bathroom mirrors are very helpful in giving you a more complete picture of your self-image. There are many types of mirrored bathrooms to choose from!

You do not have to stick with plain old framed mirror sets. It is lovely to look at a wall sized mirror or a floor length mirror, but there are other ways to achieve this.

A frameless shower door mirror, for example, does not require any frame pieces that can be expensive or hard to find. A popular way to use one of these is as a make room or getting ready area.

These doors are quite wide so they give you enough space to get into shape while also providing an impressive view. They are also great because you can take them down when needed.

There are several companies that produce plastic shower doors with glass inserts or even solid glass ones. These work just like a normal framed mirror except without the frame.

Consider the Size and Placement of the Mirror.

Amazing Bathroom Mirrors To Transform Your Home

A bathroom mirror should be large enough to do its job. This means having at least a 30-inch wide mirror is necessary, if not ideal. Most experts agree that a one-to-two foot mirror space is optimal in a shower or bath area.

If you are someone who loves long showers, then a longer mirror can help you enjoy those relaxation times more. If you like taking shorter showers, try buying a short mirror so you don’t feel too stretched out!

Avoid small mirrors because they make it difficult to find your back side as you wash yourself. It is also hard to see your whole body in the small spaces, which makes for uncomfortable self-examination.

Choose from Traditional or Modern Design Elements.

Amazing Bathroom Mirrors To Transform Your Home

As we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What’s beautiful to one person may not be attractive to another!

That being said, there are some classic bathroom mirror designs that most people find pleasing. If you like those look, then by all means, add them to your collection!

But don’t feel obligated to keep them if you don’t. You never want your home to seem too matching, or even plain. So go ahead and experiment with some new styles!

There’s no wrong way to do things.

Look for Quality Construction Materials.

As mentioned before, not every bathroom mirror is designed to be admired, so make sure you know what kind of material it is before investing in it.

It should have a sturdy frame that can handle heavy use. A soft or plastic-feeling surface is not durable, and will eventually wear out. Make sure your new mirror has clear glass that does not look like cheap glass.

Also, keep an eye out for any decorations such as ribbons, bows, or other materials that may be flimsy. These could break off and become loose, getting stuck behind the mirror or even disappearing.

We recommend staying away from solid silver mirrors unless you are very rich! They are expensive and cannot be resold easily.

Choose a Lighting Option.

Amazing Bathroom Mirrors To Transform Your Home

Choosing a lighting option is an important part of choosing bathroom mirrors. You want to make sure that what light source you have in your mirror does not interfere with your skin or hair.

It also should be able to illuminate all of the areas of your face, such as adding needed light for doing makeup or washing your hands. A good test would be to take a small amount of product and apply it across your face – if the light doesn’t work, then the product won’t either!

You do not need a full-blown skylight type fixture to achieve this. An ambient light bulb (something designed to give off light naturally) will work just fine. It will also help keep away from disturbing your sleep at night!


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