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Precision Polished edge 5mm frameless mirror for sale

Precision edge polished 5mm silver frameless mirrors for under-cost sales (only limited time, the size of the stocks made ready and available only, the price for the size of new mirror orders is subject to our market price)(Copyrights reserved for the images)

Last stocks of 5mm silver mirror available, pricing is at your collection in our factory, GST included. ( If you want waterproof edge coating, $15.00 + GST applies for extra coating costs)

frameless mirror 1 x680mm x 660mm $35.00
frameless mirror 1x 870mm x 750mm $52.00
frameless mirror 1x 940mm x 550mm $41.00
frameless mirror 1x 780mm x 775mm $48.00
frameless mirror 1x 720mm x 600mm $35.00
frameless mirror 1 x 930mm x 600mm $43.00
frameless mirror 1 x 944mm x 500mm $38.00
frameless mirror 1 x 500mm x 280mm $15.00
and more sizes available not listed, to be quick for your big saving


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