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Cutting and processing glass but no for toughened glass

If you have a piece of glass and you want to alter it in size, you need to look on the glass pane surface and see if you can find some stamp or mark such as “T” or “S”, in most cases, if you can find T or S at the pane corner, it means this pane is a toughened glass or safety glass (safety glass including toughened glass, wired glass and laminated glass). In the case of wired glass or annealed laminated glass, we can still cut or process it for you, but if it is a toughened glass, nobody can cut it or it will be shattered. Some of the laminated glass combine two toughened glass panes, or one pane is annealed and another is toughened, in this situation, we are not able to cut it for your alteration of size.

Remember, when an annealed glass pane is treated at a high temperature (650-680 deg C) and cooled quickly, a stronger glass pane is generated as toughened glass. A toughened (tempered) glass has compression on the outer surface and the interior remains in tension, and it is 3-7 times stronger in strength, but it will be shattered when one cuts it or process it.


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