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house is under renovation
house is under renovation, window glass replacement at Somerville auckland job today

Although our company, since its establishment in 1996, has changed company’s names a few times, from Anytime Glass, to current Channel Glass and Mirror Systems Ltd, we have been in the way of better service, better workmanship and ensured quality of work. Sometimes you can see our vans on the road with logo ” Total Glass and Mirror” that is us. Our master glaziers do all sorts of jobs for you, including glass replacement in Auckland wide area, particularly, central, eastern, southern and western areas. Sometimes we also do jobs far away from our location such as north shore sites.

window glass replacement auckland
glass replacement auckland-old spotswood pane and some new clear toughened glass panes

Today we have replaced quite a few window panes for our returning customer at Somerville area, see the pictures after the new glass panes installed.

Sash window glass replacement and fixed window glass pane replacement
Sash window glass replacement is going on, Glass replacement auckland
window glass replacement auckland
Sash and fixed window glass panes replacement have been done
Glass replacement auckland
replace annealed spotswood glass panes to clear toughened glass panes, landlord said” Great job! Well done!”
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